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Windsurfing Boards FAQs

What are the most popular types of windsurfing boards?

There are four main types of windsurfing boards that are popular on the market today. Freeride boards are meant for comfortable and recreational sailing.  They are great for beginners and allow them to strait-line sail in flat waters. Wave boards are lighter, smaller and more maneuverable.  They are great for experienced windsurfers and can be used to break waves, much like surfing.  Freestyle boards are very similar to wave boards in the sense of weight and maneuverability.  However, these boards are more wild with ability to perform enhanced tricks like jumps, flips and slides.  Slalom boards are essentially the same make as the first established short board.  They are designed for top speed use and are great for outlined courses.  In addition to the four main categories of windsurfing boards there are an array of different combined boards.  There are unique styles of boards that are available that attempt to combine the best features of two or more different types of boards into one boards. 

How do I choose the proper windsurfing gear and equipment?

While windsurfing your performance depends mostly on the gear that you choose.  It is recommended that if you are not experienced you seek help from an individual who is.  At many sporting supply shops employees can help you choose the perfect windsurfing gear.  It is always important to read the product details very carefully to make sure they fit your requirements.  Even when purchasing gear online this is an extremely important step.  It is also important to never purchase any gear based off of style and appearance.  While some gear may be “in style” it also needs to function properly.  It is not worth buying an item that functions less efficiently because it is more stylish.  Identify your needs and accordingly choose the correct gear.  It is essential to make sure that your windsurfing equipment is durable and can withstand the rapid changes and intense conditions of windsurfing.  Over time your gear will wear down and need to be replaced, however the gear you choose should last for more than a few trips. 

When and where did windsurfing originate?

Windsurfing as its known wasn’t established until the mid 1970’s along the California coast.  However there have been personal sailing devices used for centuries.  Surfboards and sailboards have been used my many different cultures over time.  Therefore, no one person can be credited with the invention of windsurfing or even a windsurfing board. 


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